Blanc Fixe Minerals Quality

The Art Of Quality

We at the Blanc Fixe Minerals are firmly committed to provide talc to our customer that is of highest quality, cost effective and of specifications that confirms to the clients demand. This is achieved through complete transformation of company cultural values which revolves around the basic principles of quality control and customer service environment.

Blanc Fixe Minerals has a fairly clear quality policy that is being followed throughout the company.

  • To place quality first in everything we do.
  • To clearly know our customer requirements and ensure that they are met at all times.
  • To create and maintain an environment for continuous improvement in the quality of our products.
  • To achieve business success by enhancing our reputation for customer satisfaction.

ISO standard for quality (ISO 3262)

Type Talc content min. wt% Loss on ignition at 1000 °C, wt % Solubility in HCl, max. wt %
A 95 4 – 6.5 5
B 90 4–9 10
C 70 4–18 30
D 50 4–27 30


One particular issue with commercial use of talc is its frequent co-location in underground deposits with asbestos ore. Stringent quality control since our inception, including separating cosmetic- and food-grade talc from “industrial” grade talc, has eliminated this issue for us.


Following processes are followed to maintain quality.

Selection of the Product

Quality is first checked at the mines which are around 1000 km away from our sorting facilities in the port city of Karachi. Selection of material at the mines is one of the most important step hence well experienced quality inspectors are deputed at the mines who makes sure only the best material makes it to our sorting facility.

Facilities in Karachi

Fully Carpeted yard is designed which is the basis of keeping the ore free from any impurities. Great Care is taken to keep dust and other unwanted materials away.

Mechanical Sieve

Talc lumps which meets the export quality requirements are trucked to the sorting facility, this is where big Mechanical sieve 25 mm size in vertical direction at an angle has been placed in order to sieve Talc Lumps at below 25 mm and separate big lumps 25 – 100 mm. During this process 35% quantity of size 0 – 25 mm is obtained. The product +25 to 100 mm is obtained as pure talc lumps.

Electric Sieve

After passing from Mechanical Sieve, the product is than shifted to Electrical Sieving machine where it passes through conveyor belt enter in Sieving machine where different sieves from 0 – 25 mm has been fixed. During process size of 0 – 5 mm and 5 – 25 mm has been received in different proportion. 22% receive 0 – 5 mm fine, 10% receive 5 – 25 mm as Talc Chips and 5% wastage count.

Manual Hand Sorting

Manually hand sorting and grading each talc lumps is what make Blanc Fixe Minerals talc stand out from rest. At this phase of the production grading, sizing removal of silica, quartz, dolomite and calcium carbonate takes place which makes our already pure talc, purest in the World. A further 10 to 15 percent of wastage is taken out at this stage to make the talc lumps packing and shipment ready.


  1. Loose Stuffed in 20′ containers with Loaders
  2. In strong Jumbo 1.25 tons Bags.
  3. Special Packing as per customers request can also be arranged


Random sample has to be obtained from each and every lot ready for export. Analysis of whiteness and other parameter are done regularly at our in house Lab. We work in close sync with SGS Paksitan to make sure quality parameter are matched and samples are regularly tested by them.